Everearthco Dried and Preserved Lavender & Blue Thistle Bouquet




- Small (Bridesmaid or small Bridal)

- Medium (Bride)


Our Lavender & Blue Star Thistle bouquet is made from a selection of dried and preserved flowers and foliage including Lavender, Blue Star Thistle, Statice, Oats, Cotton Head and more.


Due to the nature of the item, each bouquet will be unique.


The bouquet measures approximately 38cm in height. 


If you require any other sizes please get in contact we are always happy to help. 

Our event décor is long-lasting therefore can be ordered in advance of your event.

To ensure your flower arrangements are in top condition for your event we recommend ordering no more than 8-12 weeks in advance.  

Each bouquet is tied with floristry tape and satin Ribbon and packaged in eco-conscious packaging.

Please note dried flowers are delicate and should be handled with care. 

Lavender & BlueThistle Bouquet